Leukoblast! beta release

First things first, thanks you to all those that downloaded the game so far, and sorry for the looong text below.

We want to explain in further detail what you can expect from the game right now on beta release, and what are our plans for the future of this project.

We are planning on porting Leukoblast! to Android and Mac, and adding more controls settings such as keyboard and controller support, as well as many other "quality of life" changes and accessibility options like changing text fonts, color and size, an option for making the game slower, etc.

And now let's talk about content:

For the player, right now there are 13 forms if we count in the initial one. We are planning on changing some of them (especially the promyelocyte and the monocyte) to make them more appealing and fun to play. There won't be new forms added into the game, but we do plan on adding some extra abilities (think of them as power-ups). We are also considering a secondary button to reduce player's speed, so players have more time to aim and shoot without having to turn around too frequently.

On release, the game has 3 different levels, all of them with pre-established rooms filled with randomized groups of enemies, making each try feel different and fresh. We plan on adding more variation to them with more enemy groups, but not new whole levels, as it would only make the game longer and the production of it would be huge for what we can afford (making 3 new forms to evolve the player for each of the 9 final forms is simply insane).

At the end of each level there is a boss fight. Each level has always the same boss, but we hope that the randomization of the enemies that accompany them and the different player forms, allow players to have varying and interesting experiences through many playthroughs. We plan on changing their move and attacks patterns in order the make them feel more unique and challenging in their own ways.

There are 5 types of normal enemies, right now they have basic, yet distinctive behaviours. We plan on adding new types of enemies and adjust some of the ones that already are in the game, but these changes will be very subtle and will focus on highlighting what makes them special.

These are a lot of things, so maybe some of them will not make it to the end, but this way you know what we are considering to add and change.

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