Path notes v 0.826

Hi there!
Here we have the first patch for Leukoblast!, and with it, this post in which we will explain what has changed and some new additions we made.
We plan on making patches every week, sometimes smaller, other times, bigger.
Presentation time is over, let's get to the important stuff:

Big things:

  • Major speed reduction to the player in all its forms and to the enemies. By making everyone slower, we add more time to the "shoot window" the player has when being chased by enemies, allowing a more aggressive playstyle as well as (ironically) making the game overall faster.

Small things:

  • UI adapts to different sizes. Although it only matches 16:9 aspect ratio resolutions for now.
  • Biomatter (yellow thing that heals upon pickup) is slightly bigger. Not too big, just enough for making it easier to pick up.
  • Asterionella's collision damage normalized. Now both the circles on the edge and the tentacles do damage to the player when it hits them.
  • Diffugia's projectile's (the grey enemies that shoots red bullets) now do a small amount of damage to other enemies (yes, you can now use other enemies as a shield!). Bosses are not included here.


Leukoblast!v.0.826.rar 41 MB
Jul 10, 2020

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