LeukoBlast! v 0.889

This time we are adding some interesting features.

We added a custom cursor skin selector on the main menu. For now there only  are 6 shapes, all in black color, but we are planning on adding a feature to be able to change the color.

We also added 2 more control settings and a panel on the main menu to change between them. Now you can play with the following three settings:

  • Classic controls: The ones we have been using until now, mouse for movement and left click for shooting.
  • Keyboard controls: W/Up moves the player forward, A/Left and D/Right rotate the character left and right respectively; and Space for shooting.
  • Joystick controls: If you have a controller that connects to the PC, you can now use it to play Leukoblast! The left joystick is used for controling the movement, and both 'A'/'X' (on Xbox/Playstation controllers) and 'RB'/'R1' can be used for shooting.

Escape (or Start with the controller) is the way to open the pause menu once in a level. The menus can only be controled with the mouse.

We also made one change to the gameplay:

  • On healing rooms (those full of red blood cells), the infected ones shoot at the player and deal damage (this was already in the game), but now they also infect nearby healthy red blood cells.


Leukoblast!v.0.889.rar 44 MB
Jul 31, 2020

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