Luekoblast! v 0.876

Another week, another update.

This week were many more small changes aiming at improving  the game's quality, mostly bugfixes but also some extra UI stuff:

UI changes:

  • Responsive user interface interface. Now the interface should adjust to any screen ratio.
  • Added a custom cursor. We are still working on the UI as a whole, so the new cursor will get changed when things get sorted out.
  • Added a flickering red screen when entering a boss room.

Gameplay changes:

  • Player character tier 3 forms have less health points.
  • Now there is visual feedback when hitting bosses, so players can tell whether they are hitting them or not.
  • Enemies now drop a random amount of healing items.
  • Healing items heal more the higher the level you are in.
  • Coronavirus balance changes. Now it's a bit smaller on the first phase, but faster on the second one. In addition to that, on phase one the bullets are shot with lower fire rate. This also helps with some unintended lag; and, it spawns less enemies.
  • Bullets spawning on bacteriophage's dead now don't aim directly at the player, there is a random offset that makes dodging them more fun and fair.
  • Parts of the bosses that are not the center now make the player bounce away from the boss.


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Jul 17, 2020

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